Certicos BETA Tester Application

(1) We are looking for BETA TESTERS:  International, must be registered with your state or local businesses as a type of corporation (ex. Inc., Corp., S.A. LLP, LLC, ORG, AG, GmBH, K.K., EIRL, BK, LTD).

(2) Certicos requires the URL of the corporation on the state, province, or national government registry along with KYC of the representative and title.

(3) Successful applicants will be granted a number of CERTICOS tokens to use for gratis transactions; and awarded additional CERTICOS tokens after the trial period depending on BETA Tester Collaboration. If you are not a corporation you may still apply; we just can not guarantee we will give you CERTICOS tokens to particpate.

(4) BETA Testers will be either be Creators or Approvers and will be allowed to invite up to three (3) collaborator Approvers or Creators connections to participate during the trial period.

Please fill out the below information and we will contact you if you're application is accepted.

Expect response time is 24-72 hours.

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